The Story of My Work

What does it all cost?





4 one-on-one meetings

Our timeline includes four meetings with me, in person or by video conference. We will use tools to gain insight into your history and make plans for the future, but ultimately, it's having a guide that makes all the difference. I will not leave you on your own to interpret results and figure out "what it means".


tools & documents: a life map for the future

The analysis of your Core Story, and the Star/Mountain goals that you create, will be documents and resources that you can & will refer to for the rest of your life


a personal trainer for your career

Like investing in your physical health by hiring a personal trainer,  invest in your sanity, success, and career satisfaction with one-on-one support.


the language of success

Proceed with clarity & confidence! You will gain the language to articulate your unique motivations & strengths to your family & friends, to your boss, and to prospective employers or interviewers.


Guaranteed value

The Story of My Work process will be unlike any personality assessment or group training you've ever experienced. I can't guarantee an immediate change of circumstance, pay raise, or instant satisfaction. But I can guarantee a focused clarity of self-awareness and purpose; I guarantee that you will understand — as you never have before — what drives you and what motivations will get you out of bed in the morning. 


Ready to get started?



I'm confident that the Story of YOUR Work Process will be SO valuable, you will tell other people about it, and encourage them to go through the process, too. 

Let us know if you have been referred by a friend, colleague, or someone else in your life, so we can thank them!

100% Guarantee

Going through the process of discovering what you were born to do, and how to move forward with that knowledge, should be positive, not risky.

We offer a 100% value guarantee that if you go through the process and do not think we delivered what we promised, you can have a full refund.


Typically, payment is made upfront, prior to our first meeting. But, sometimes, decision-making is looming and help is desired sooner than later. Payment plans in 2 or 3 installments can be arranged.

All payments are invoiced online and can be paid via Stripe or PayPal with a credit card or PayPal account.




I'm in!

When you confirm that you want to go ahead, you will begin with our hello! form: just some basics for getting started, you know... your address, hot beverage preference... that sort of thing ;)   5 mins



We will follow up with additional info & details that you will find helpful throughout The Story of My Work process. You will prepare your resume/C.V. (not to impress, just to inform) to send prior to our intro meeting.   15 mins+


meeting #1 — INTRO

Just what it sounds like. We will meet and get acquainted, I will begin to ask some questions, and I will explain & introduce the Core Story exercise.    30 mins



The fun begins! Using our detailed instructions, you will review your personal history, recording stories of accomplishments that you enjoyed doing, believed you did well and from which you felt a sense of satisfaction.   ~4 hours


As interesting as it may have been to write out your life stories, it is even better when we go through them together. I will share my analysis and interpretation from your "data" of your key motivators: the subject matter, operating conditions, relational scenarios, payoff, and triggers that are foundational to your core.    1-1.5 hours


HOMEWORK — REflection & research

Now what? You have been given powerful information about yourself & you need to think about it, mull it over for a while. How does your Core Story fit (or not) with your current work & life situation? In our meeting, I will direct you in areas to research, which you will carry out in this time. 



You share what you've uncovered in your research, and we move into future planning. We'll talk about the star/mountain tool for goal-setting and envisioning life over the long-term.


HOMEWORK — dreaming & planning

This is when you go from looking in the mirror to checking the horizon... What do you envision for your life, when looking back from an old age? How do you want to impact the world with your unique gifts & motivations? What do you want life to look like in 1 year, 5 years, 25 years?


Meeting #4 — Star/Mountain Review & Wrap-Up

You send your star/mountain work in advance and we review it together. What have we learned together about you... and what are your next steps to take to move forward?


GO with confidence!

You are equipped with a clear direction for intentionally moving forward in your career, with the vocabulary to articulate it to managers, future employers, family, & friends. 


Approximate timeline between meetings: