Seeing a Way Forward

After completing the Core Story process, my analysis, and our review together (Phase 1), you will have a strong idea of your uniquely motivated abilities. Self-awareness is "nice", but is isn't enough; it's time to move into the tangible!

What are the next steps? What do you want from your career, from your life? How will you get there?

The second story-based tool that we work with is based on imagery of stars & mountains. What is your Star — a point so far away that you will never reach it, yet it guides and gives direction? And, what are the Mountains — the specific goals & benchmarks — you want to achieve (climb) to get there? I help you create clear actions and vision to head in a direction that:

  • Is consistent with your motivations (as we've learned via your Core Story & assessment results)
  • Takes into account your passions & interests
  • Is personally, uniquely aligned. (If a mountain you describe does not align with your Star, it may be a worthy mountain to climb — for someone else, but not for you!)