The Story of My Work

Get clarity about your career.


Who wants to spend years trying to figure out what job will be a great fit? Be confident about who you are, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and what kind of work you will love.

“I now know with far greater clarity how I want to be spending my time working and also have the vocabulary to clearly describe it to others.
— Phil duPlessix

I've helped dozens of people find clarity & confidence in their own skills, motivations, & unique stories.

Story of My Work alumni have confident awareness of their value — and how to use what they already have to solve the world's problems in a job that they love.



Understand your story

You’ll learn from the patterns of your life's history: what gets you up in the morning?

What problems have you proven you're great at solving?


Make a Life Plan

You don’t have to be stuck in a bad fit job for life.

How can you use your unique story to add something to this world?


Get the Best Job Ever (for you)

Find out who in the world needs the problems solved that you excel at solving.

You’re the one for the job!


What Makes The Story of My Work... work?

A common conversation-starter is: if you won the lottery tomorrow and money was no object, how would you spend your days?

The truth is, it isn’t easy to answer that question, even hypothetically. Because how well do you know yourself… really? The Story of My Work helps people stop guessing about what to do with their lives so that they can be confident & satisfied in the way they spend their days.

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The Story of My Work Process is led by me, Wayne Jones, over 4 sessions in either a group workshop setting, or as one-on-one mentoring. I have spent tens of thousands of hours mentoring people in living their best life. When I discovered this story-based tool of uncovering people’s underlying motivations, I knew it was the solution to the question I had explored so many times with others: “what should I do with my life?”

The best part is, the answers do not come from a group algorithm or a research study. The answers are in your very own life story!

When you review your lifetime of things that you believed you did well, that you enjoyed doing, or that provided you with a sense of personal satisfaction or achievement, you provide the raw data. As a trained professional in MCORE/SIMA analysis, I can identify patterns that recur in the subject matter, operating conditions, relational scenarios, payoff, and triggers that really get you going!

Together, we can use those insights to assess your job fit & envision your future: one that is satisfying, successful, and valuable to the world.

In the 4-session Story of My Work Process, you will:

1. Learn from your own actual, real-life behaviours & experiences who you have proven yourself to be. You will gain sharp clarity and confidence about the motivations that are inherent and essential to who you are.

2. See how to apply these enduring motivations in a work setting for a higher performance and a happier you.

3. Apply the insights we learned to plan a strategic, thoughtful, & successful future. And,

4. Know how to articulate all of these things to wow employers & be the most confident one in any room about what value you bring to the table.

I tend to have a broad range of interests and as I consider where to spend my time (especially now with kids), I wanted to narrow down and focus the possibilities.

Having my core motivations articulated was really helpful. I think it’s so powerful and revealing to discover how that information can spur us on to do things that are meaningful and satisfying.
— Amber Wylie-Moerman

Group Workshops

Work out your own unique story in a combo of self-directed homework and interactive sessions with an intimate group.

“Having other people hear my stories and pull out themes was one of my top highlights of the process.”

One-on-One Coaching

Like having a physical trainer to guide your workouts with effective routines, an eye for form, and results-driven exercises, one-on-one coaching provides an individualized approach to find clarity & confidence in your career direction.

“Having Wayne as a coach has had a profound impact in my life.”


Want to get a feel for the process? Try it out:


What's My Investment?


How much does it cost to pursue a career path that is a poor fit? How much do you save by avoiding the Masters program that qualifies you for a boring job? How high could your salary be if you were thriving in a position where you excel & enjoy the work? In your one life & 45-year career-span, trial-and-error for job fit could already be costing you a lot.



Group Workshop

  • 4 Group Sessions
  • Small, intimate setting (max. 8)
  • 1 One-on-one Follow-Up Meeting
  • MCORE Motivational Blueprint
  • Primary Focus on Understanding Your Story




  • 4 Individual Sessions
  • Flexible Scheduling to Your Life
  • Exclusive Attention & Mentoring
  • MCORE Motivational Blueprint
  • 2-Part Focus: Understanding Your Story & Mapping Your Future



Story of My Work (& Life) Mentorship

  • 4 Individual Sessions of the Story of My Work Process, Plus:
  • 6 Months of On-Call Career Mentoring
  • Monthly Sessions following the SOMW Process
  • Assessment of Your Fit for Potential Jobs
  • Vocational Mentoring for Your Whole Life: Learning to Choose Well How to Spend Your Time (Hobbies, Board Membership, etc.)



100% Guarantee

Going through the process of discovering what you were born to do, and how to move forward with that knowledge, should be positive, not risky.

We offer a 100% guarantee that if you go through the process and do not think we delivered the value we promised, you can have a full refund.



I'm confident that the Story of YOUR Work Process will be SO valuable, you will tell other people about it, and encourage them to go through the process, too.

Let us know if you have been referred by a friend, colleague, or someone else in your life, so we can thank them!


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