More About Me


To trust me with key stories from your life, and that I can help direct your future, you need to know more about me, too!

If you join in by email, we will get to know each other better there, too. But, if this is the first time we’re introduced, here’s a bit more of my story:

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MY history:

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a BComm and began my career in a mentoring & directing position for the local area of a national non-profit. I thrived in this well-fitting role, but after 7 years felt that it was time to move on. The following 12 years included a winding path through several careers & job roles, as well as earning an MA in leadership from Regent College, UBC.

The downside of my career journey was the pain of so many hours of my week (my life!) feeling like I was providing little to the world via my work. Commonly accepted wisdom is that we should “Work to Live” not “Live to Work”; but, 40+ hours/week (plus commuting) sure felt like a lot of living time when it was in a job that didn’t utilize or reward my skillset. 

On the other hand, the gifts of these “failures” have been many:

  • My experience has allowed me to work with people in a broad variety of environments — from business (large & corporate as well as small & startup), to non-profit, faith-based, and consulting.
  • I deeply understand the pain of feeling underutilized, apathetic, and losing self-confidence in a poor fit job. If you are elated on Friday afternoon, and begin to feel low by mid-Sunday, I’ve been there. If you aren’t sure that your skills are even valued in the workforce, I feel you. 
  • In contrast, it is so clear to me what a “best fit” job is for me; my current role of navigating this journey with others is truly me doing what I do best (with my own satisfaction and the success of the work to prove it).


MY Qualifications:

My natural inclination, skill, & giftedness is as a mentor. I love to walk with people as they journey through their lives, offering wisdom, direction, and most of all: a listening ear. To my simultaneous horror & enjoyment, my reputation among friends is for asking the questions that they don’t want to be asked. 

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Masters of Arts in Leadership, specifically focused on the marketplace. I have worked with groups & individuals teaching the StrengthsFinder tool, and am trained for coaching with Relational Analytics. I am certified as an MCORE professional through SIMA International, which is the main framework I use in The Story of My Work.

Most importantly, working with people to help them thrive in what they were born to do has been a very fruitful endeavour. This is where talking about myself feels really awkward, but clients agree that my role leading them through this process has produced insights, wisdom, and actionable results.


more of ME:

I am married to my wonderful wife, Shelley, who runs our family business, dignify. Together, we have three kids: Reese, Maddie, & Julian.

I enjoy reading, though like many men, my fiction shelf is little more than Harry Potter, Tolkien, and Robinson Crusoe! Mostly I read nonfiction, particularly titles in theology as well as work/leadership.

In my free time, I love to play golf, tennis, and get my heart broken by the Calgary Flames. 


I'm glad you're here! Feel free to email me at to introduce yourself.

- Wayne Jones