The Story of My Work


"I'm pretty self-aware and naturally self-evaluating. I wondered, Would I learn anything new? Having someone listen, ask questions and offer fresh perspectives really helped me to unfold and clarify vision.... "


Lisa, a mom of four, was a few months away from finishing a training course in Spiritual Direction and wondering what may be the steps to follow. Passionate for adventure, Lisa often felt the tension of wanting to leap at any exciting, new opportunity while practically seeking a lifestyle that would be fulfilling, grounded, and sustainable for her whole family.


Going through The Story of My Work process was very positive for affirming Lisa's choice of field. She has a proven history of enjoying difficulties: the act of "overcoming" is key to her motivations. Not everyone enjoys difficult challenges that can have a sense of pain to them! But for Lisa, a through-and-through people person, she is well-equipped to walk alongside people & step into the pain in their lives.

To obtain the clarity of which aspects of the work will be most inherently motivating was an excellent place to start as Lisa builds her private practice. 

We also identified that no job is going to fit all that we are; we need other avenues to pursue. Dancing — as a subject matter — was clearly very important to Lisa, but she wasn't, at this time, able to pursue it as a career. However, she responded to this desire with a goal to start a dance class for her teenage daughter and friends once a week.


What we learned:

  • Four of Lisa's nine stories involved dance — a pursuit in which she was not currently participating. ("I was afraid you were going to ask me about dance!")  A busy mom, Lisa was not in a position to re-engage with dancing full-time, or even studio instruction.

  • Lacking the official credentials to teach dance felt like a barrier to Lisa pursuing it at all. But, we identified that "overcoming" was a quality that appeared often in her history. By drawing out that piece of her inherent motivation as a positive, she could reframe these limitations as a challenge to overcome (which fires her up) rather than a dead-end barrier, out of her control.

  • Even the verb "overcome" appeared numerous times in Lisa's achievement stories, unbeknownst to her or planned in any way. Connecting these dots gives evidence to motivational patterns over time.

  • The SOMW process can be applied to all areas of life not just work: Lisa's Star/Mountain work (long-term, future goals) gave her practical insight into how to spend her days now to create the future she envisions.


In Lisa's Words:

I would highly recommend The Story of My Work!

When I began, I was a bit reluctant about the value-for-cost of the process. Would I learn anything new? I'm already pretty self-aware and naturally self-evaluating. 

Having someone listen, ask questions, and offer fresh perspectives really helped to unfold and clarify vision. The one:one conversations always brought new insight/perspective. And, it was so helpful to see where my interests lie, where they have been themes in my life already, and where I am already moving towards those things. Creating a motivational statement [a succinct statement about what motivates me at the core] was a specific highlight: I will refer to this often in future decision-making.

I appreciated the high emphasis on living my story (not someone else).


Two months out (Facebook post):

"Check out The Story of My Work, if you are in transition, questioning what is next, wondering about your best fit vocationally..... I went through this discernment process with these guys and it was sooo helpful. I highly endorse it!"