The Story of My Work


Looking back, to see forward.

I help people discover — through the story of their own lives — what they were born to do, and how to use that insight to move confidently & strategically forward in their career decisions.

I have personally dug into numerous personality frameworks (like Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, etc.) and each has offered some helpful insight into different aspects of my life. But, in my own journey to career success, satisfaction, and fit, the best & most valuable self-knowledge did not come from a test or inventory, but from my own life story.


I use two story-based tools to uncover the best of you: what is essential to your giftedness & motivation, and how to best pursue success & enjoyment using that knowledge.


Looking Back

Every person has been gifted with unique motivations — the subject matter, operating conditions, relational scenarios, payoff, and triggers that really get you going!

The combination of your uniquely motivated abilities defies pre-determined categories and algorithms; there’s simply no replacement for the work (and delight) of getting to know your story!

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Seeing A Way Forward

Self-awareness is a noble goal, but it’s not enough! Personal revelation cannot be the goal in itself; we want it to take you somewhere.

You’ve told the story about your past, now it’s time to imagine the story of your future. What big goals do you have for a lifetime? If you were in the twilight of your life, looking back, what do you want to see? How can we use what we’ve learned to choose the best path for the journey?

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In the end of the whole process, I may have some specific suggestions for career or job roles. But more valuable is the lens that you will have by which to assess every opportunity that may cross your path. The primary goal outcomes for our work together are:

  • Confidence in your uniquely gifted abilities & the value you can bring to a scenario
  • the Vocabulary to clearly articulate your strengths, gifts, & joys … whether that be to yourself, your family, your boss, or a potential employer
  • Peace of Mind that you need not push a rock uphill for life
  • a Tool to evaluate opportunities, present & future
  • Clear direction for intentionally moving forward towards sustained success & satisfaction in your work life.

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Who (You)

Is This For Me?

Where are you:

  • Mid-career:
    • Burned out?
    • Bored out (of your mind)?
    • Looking at the next 25+ years and it feels like a heavy weight?
    • Considering options on the next step forward?
  • Starting out:
    • Staring out at the options to begin a career & feeling overwhelmed by the possibility… and the potential of years lost “climbing the wrong mountain”?
    • Considering innumerable paths for higher education?
  • Starting again:
    • Have you had a break from the workforce?
      • Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent who has been on hiatus and now are assessing your future career options…
      • Maybe after suffering a lay-off, you are looking for a new path, or a competitive advantage in a new field or industry…
  • Satisfied enough, but seeking self-knowledge to get the most from current opportunities & future decisions


Who are you:

  • Our clients who have most enjoyed & appreciated the outcomes of The Story of My Work are mature, honest, thoughtful people.
  • Are you challenged by integrating your identity with your work, or what you know you must have to offer with your day-to-day life? This is for you.
  • Have you experienced pain in the grind of your work, or failure in a job role, or a blow to your confidence as a result of poor job fit? This is for you.
  • Are you serious about ensuring you take the right step, and not wasting time on fruitless side detours? This is for you.


Do you want to do the work?

  • The process of journeying through your history of achievements & joys and dreaming about your future goals, well… it’s more than a simple multiple choice test. There is an investment of time and money that well exceeds an algorithm-based personality assessment.
  • Including our meetings and your self-reflection time, you should anticipate spending a minimum of 15 – 20+ hours over the course of 2-3 months on this process.

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Who (Me)

My name is Wayne Jones & my natural inclination, skill, & giftedness is as a mentor. I love to walk with people as they journey through their lives, offering wisdom, direction, and most of all: a listening ear.

After beginning my career in a mentoring & directing position, I took a winding path through several careers & job roles, reluctant to embrace the core of my skills & abilities. I get the pain of feeling under-utilized, apathetic, and losing self-confidence in a poor fit job. Now I am working in a “best fit” job for me: navigating this journey with others to help them thrive in what they were born to do.

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