The Story of My Work

DAVE — a DAD & engineer in his THIRTIES

"Understanding my core motivations and the conditions/environments best suited to who I am has given me a clarity and confidence in myself that I have never known."


A conscientious, hard-working guy, Dave is the kind of person any boss wants to have on his/her team. And while he was proving to be a valuable asset to his company — surviving through rounds of economy-driven layoffs — Dave was wishing he could get a package, too, to escape the drudgery of his day-to-day!

Dave was finding that his apathy at work was spilling into his home life, leaving him listless and bluesy. His two young kids at home were bringing him lots of life, but he felt like after a long, draining day of work, he wasn't providing them or his wife with much energy. Something had to change.



Thoughtful and driven to change, Dave provided plenty of helpful "data" to uncover his underlying motivations (and why his current position was missing the mark). Key to many of his achievements was the outcome of a lasting, visible effect, often of an object or project that he had enhanced. A glaring mismatch in his job was the ability to witness the work he had done: he was designing pipeline products to be buried in far-flung locations, deep in the ground. Not only was he unable to see the results of his work, they would barely ever be observed with human eyes!

We got Dave back on track by helping him to identify firms and opportunities that would offer a more tangible subject matter. Our Core Story assessment gave him confidence in his proven skills & affinities; this confidence — matched with his work ethic, a defined career goal, and the language to articulate it all — set him up perfectly to offer a competitive advantage as he edged into a new corner of his industry.


What we learned:

  • "I figured if I had an engineering degree then no one could stop me from building or creating whatever I wanted," wrote Dave in one of his achievement stories. Sometimes we know deep truths about ourselves, but forget them in the mix of the life we're living. Reading what he himself had written was a powerful reminder to Dave about what had  — and continues to — inspire him.
  • Dave is creative and productive, but if presented with a blank slate, comes up empty. We saw that his best skills were used in enhancing/restoring/improving. Some artists are better suited to art restoration than blank canvas painting; similarly, Dave's best comes out when building upon something else.
  • A previous job position was as an excellent fit for Dave's motivations, interests, & skills. However, working solo in a remote office was overwhelming and challenging, showing that his interactions & involvements with people is an essential factor to his career well-being.

In Dave's Words:

Having Wayne as a coach has had a profound impact in my life.

Through the use of the SIMA process and Wayne’s analysis he guided me through the accomplishments of my past and helped me uncover core truths about who I am which in-turn has helped me redirect my energy and focus in both my personal and professional life.

You see, my current engineering role is focused heavily on reviewing specifications, industry codes and developing company standards leaving me mentally disconnected, exhausted and extremely unsatisfied with the work I do. Academically, the role fits the engineering profile; then why after years as a practicing engineer does my current career feel like such a misalignment? More life-draining than life-giving?

Wayne has helped me to realize my current role is missing the innovation, creative problem solving and practical applications that I need to be satisfied with my work. I love to be creative, tinker, restore things, identify and solve problems, pull things apart to see how they tick, and innovate MacGyver-style. Through Wayne’s guidance and coaching I can see that I need to be involved in the tangibles; to be physically present and interacting with clients & team members; be involved with products, tools, materials; in an environment that allows for creativity, design and innovation.

Understanding my core motivations and the conditions/environments best suited to who I am has given me a clarity and confidence in myself that I have never known.

So what has changed?  Knowing that where I am now aligns at best 15% with who I am has given me great insight into the changes that need to happen in order for me to be happier and more fulfilled with my career path.  This may not necessarily mean a full career change (although it could and I am equally open to it) but it does mean a major re-alignment either within my current role or exploring another facet of the mechanical engineering world or something different all together.

When it comes to occupational goals or personal goals, it is much easier to identify what fits and why it fits when you know the story beneath. For me just knowing what the best-fit is for me has been invaluable.

Thank you Wayne and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.