Looking Back

Every person has been gifted with unique motivations — the subject matter, operating conditions, relational scenarios, payoff, and triggers that really get you going!


To uncover your uniquely motivated abilities, we begin with your Core Story. This is a process where you review enjoyable activities in your history up until now.  You will write about the things that you believed you did well, that you enjoyed doing, and/or that provided you with a sense of personal satisfaction or achievement. It’s may not be the quickest task, but reviewing happy & successful memories & achievements is quite encouraging!


From the story-based, actual life history that you provide, I identify patterns of what has motivated you. Your Core Story is not a snapshot of this moment in time, it is an identification of what is essential and enduring to who you are and what makes you tick. I am not imposing a classification; we are merely uncovering the language to describe your lifelong pattern of behaviour — the way you have, and will continue to respond.


I summarize my findings from your “data” (aka, life story) with resources that outline the scenarios in which you will find your best fit for sustained success & satisfaction in your work. After you spend time reflecting on these results, and researching & brainstorming some options & opportunities, we work together on next steps.


I don't get it. My interests have changed since childhood!

Of course! Very, very few people find a “passion” in early life that endures into their adult career path. For many of us who are knowledge workers, our mini selves wouldn’t even have conceived of our current work activities, particularly if we grew up offline!

But, there is more to our core motivations than a particular subject matter. A story about organizing a block game of Capture the Flag, or building a car from a mousetrap, can say a lot about you — and not simply that you are a natural leader, or enjoy working with your hands.

I have been trained to pick up on common patterns that appear in your life stories, even if the setting and particular interest has changed wildly over time. You can trust that from the life “data” you provide, the essential, enduring core traits will reveal themselves. This process is reliable and remarkably powerful, especially as we apply it in phase two to determining your future steps.

I have a poor memory! How many examples do I need?

Don’t be daunted by the process; remember, it’s not about cataloguing your history for posterity or for a resume, it is a recollection of joyful activities!

We need around 5 activities to build from, but the long list of brief should exceed that. You can see a sample worksheet (a brief version of our Core Story form) here .

With a timeline of ~3 weeks to complete, and many prompts & instructions, you will find it won't be as challenging as you think to recollect achievement activities (even with a poor memory!)

It sounds like a lot of work. Will the results be any different or better than what I already know from other personality assessment tools?

In my experience leading teams with StrengthsFinder, and my own personal experience pursuing a myriad of personality assessments, these tools always produced a lot of helpful insight, but there was also often a pushback: "I don't want to be put into a box, or slotted into a quadrant," etc.

Our process looks at a different set of information (what did you do in your actual life, rather than how would you behave in certain situations). Because it is personalized, story-based, and one-on-one, there is no way to put you "in a box".

Another objection to personality assessment tools is that there is too much information that you just aren't sure what to do with. The key in our process isn't providing info, it's walking you through it & making plans for how to make it actionable.

Simply: This work is more akin to having a coach/trainer/director who is working with you specifically, to assess, and also to make a plan for the future. If that would be helpful, great! Contact us. If it's more than you need, no problem!