The Story of My Work

alessia — a high school senior planning her next steps

"this has been so helpful in showing me: yes! I am a unique person! ... Wayne gave me tools that I can use when considering my future, and that’s incredibly valuable to me."


Alessia is a bright, hardworking, and conscientious teenager. Coming up to big life decisions, she was overwhelmed with possibility. Trying to balance the concerns of financial investment (in post-secondary studies) with a path that will both provide stable employment and be enjoyable & interesting… it’s a lot of pressure on sound decision-making!


As a hardworking, committed student, it would be easy for Alessia to choose an ill-suited field of study and still press forward, even excel. But, over the long-term, her performance in a mismatched career would wane, her personal satisfaction would suffer.

Even at age 16, there was ample evidence from her Core Story — and our conversations together — to see enduring patterns of interest & motivation. She showed a history of learning, sharing information, and helping others move to the next stage… a teacher, to the core.

Our work together provided her with a lens by which to assess options for the future: questions to ask people in her potential fields, with her own answers defined as a map to compare & contrast.


What we learned:

  • There were no achievements in her Core Story that related to math, science, or technical tasks. While she enjoys and succeeds in these courses in school, a career path in engineering (a tempting potential) would feature a highly technical subject matter; without previous evidence of achievements here, we can predict that a job in this area would ultimately be a grind.

  • Some characteristics can be attributed to stage of life & environment (i.e. "I don't like to be told what to do," but others are clues to enduring motivations (i.e. "I enjoy organizing & planning the details of camping trips")
  • We couldn't choose a specific career or job role for Alessia — too much life needs to happen first! But, we used her Core Story findings to identify great, specific questions for her to ask of others working in her potential fields: "Does an average day in your job include xyz...?" "Do you find that you receive much feedback from the xyz's you are working with?" etc. 

In Alessia's Words:

I enjoyed the whole experience with Wayne, he was really personal and open with the conversations we were having about the next steps in my future.

I left with a lot of good ideas about where I should be headed in my journey towards finding a career that fits me — but, more importantly, finding out how I can find something that makes me happy and fulfilled.

He gave me a lot of tools that I can use when considering my future, and that’s incredibly valuable to me.

Learning how to be more confident in myself, and how to channel those thoughts into next steps, were just some of the perks of working with Wayne.